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Nicholas Noe
Co-Founder of Mideastwire.com
Nicholas Noe served as Regional Organizing Director for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign in Michigan where he managed the Get Out The Vote (GOTV) operation for the crucial areas of Wayne County and Dearborn City. Previous to this, Mr. Noe lived in Beirut (2004-2016) and in Tunis (2012-2014) where he was a co-editor of the Heinrich Boell Foundation’s journal on the Middle East, Perspectives, and co-founder of the news translation service Mideastwire.com (2005-Present) covering the Middle East media.

He regularly provides analysis and commentary for Al-Jazeera International, BBC and several US and European publications and is the author of a White Paper for the New America and Century Foundations entitled: “Re-Imagining the Lebanon Track: Towards a New US Policy." He is also the editor of the 2007 book "Voice of Hezbollah: The Statements of Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah" and was a Visiting Fellow with the European Council on Foreign Relations in 2014.

Mr. Noe’s Op-Eds on the region have appeared in The New York Times, Newsweek, Foreign Affairs, The Guardian, Huffington Post, Foreign Policy Magazine, Asia Times, The National and The National Interest among other publications.

From 1999-2000, Mr. Noe worked for First Lady Hillary Clinton as an opposition researcher for her successful United States Senate campaign and then went on to serve in local New York City government as a speechwriter for the President of the New York City Council and as a Policy Advisor on technology.
 He graduated with honors from Cambridge University (MPhil, International Relations, 2006) where he was elected a scholar of Selwyn College and Magna Cum Laude, Phi Beta Kappa from Brown University (1999).
Selected Articles and Appearances by Nicholas Noe
"Algeria: What Lies Ahead"/Newsweek, January 2016
European Council on Foreign Relations - On Lebanon's New Security Symbiosis/September, 2014
New York Times Op-Ed: On the Collapse of Hariri's Government
2008/2009 White Paper On A New US Approach To Lebanon:
New York Times Op-Ed: Supporting the Lebanese Armed Forces
New York Times Op-Ed: A Better Way To Deal With Hezbollah
"A Headless State"/Newsweek, January 2016
"Lebanon: What next after GCC blacklisting of Hezbollah?"/Al-Jazeera, March 2016
"Weaponizing Global Finance: A new U.S. law targets suspicious accounts down to the micro-level"/Newsweek, February 2016
ANALYSIS: GCC listing Hezbollah as terrorist a ‘harsh blow’ for Lebanon/Middle East Eye, March 2016
"Hezbollah’s Death Valley: In a small enclave between Syria and Israel, Hezbollah is preparing for what it says will be its biggest war ever"/Foreign Policy, March 2016
Voice of Hezbollah: The Statements of Sayyid Hassan Nasrallah/Verso, 2007
"Dexter Filkins and the New Yorker: Was his story fact checked?"/Mideastwire Blog, February 2013
CNN's Cal Perry on the Beirut Exchange Conference/CNN, January 2009
Shadi A. Karam on Wikipedia
Middle East
"The Noe Doctrine"/Qifa Nabki, July 2011
"The Libya Effect"/Newsweek, April 2016
"Is Middle East News Biased?"/Peace News, September 2017
"Strange Bedfellows in Syria: Russian Intervention Could Constrain Iran and Hezbollah—and Help Israel"/Foreign Affairs, October 2015 (Subscriber only-accesible via Mideastwire Blog)
"When NGOs Call For Military Intervention in Syria: The Case of the International Crisis Group"/Huffington Post, September 2015
"Obama's Approach Could Lead to Assad's Exit After All"/Middle East Eye, May 2015
"The Battle For Southern Syria"/Huffington Post, February 2015
"In Syria, We Need to Bargain with the Devil"/New York Times, February 2012
"A Third Way on Syria Is Possible"/Huffington Post, May 2011
"The False, Perilous Choice Of A 'Limited' American Bombing Campaign In Syria"/Huffington Post, June 2016
"Why Israel and Hezbollah are heading for a new, devastating war in the Middle East"/The Independent, April 2017
"Trouble in Tunisia"/Newsweek, November 2015
"It's Not Springtime in Tunisia Anymore"/Tablet, March 2015
"Another Middle Eastern State Could Collapse, and More Cash and Weapons Won’t Save It"/Tablet, September 2015
"The Problem With Awarding the Nobel Peace Prize to Tunisia’s National Dialogue Quartet"/Tablet, October 2015
"Why 60, 65 and 114 US-based experts are wrong in believing that more cash and weapons will help save Tunisia"/Mideastwire Blog, October 2015
"For the Sake of Tunisia, Don’t Escalate the Armed Conflict in Libya"/Huffington Post, March 2016
"Tunisia: Desperately Seeking Direction"/Newsweek, March 2016
"The Problem With Saving Tunisia"/Huffington Post, May 2016
"A few criticisms to consider regarding George Packer’s piece on Tunisia"/Mideastwire Blog, march 2016
United States
Fisk on Nicholas Noe in Michigan: "A Trump presidency could have been avoided if Clinton had only listened to American Arabs"
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