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While there are now more than 500 Arabic and Persian language news outlets reporting stories from and about the Middle East, there is currently no affordable means for English speakers to gain access to much of this content. As a result, the overwhelming majority of English speaking businesspersons, students, journalists and others who have an interest in the affairs of the region are largely unaware of what the Middle East media is covering and how they are covering these stories.

Mideastwire.com aims to close this gap by offering a daily email newsletter of concise, translated briefs covering some of the key political, cultural, economic and opinion pieces appearing in the media of the 22 Arab countries, Iran and the Arab Diaspora. Through this effort, we hope to address at least one element of a global disconnect that continues to threaten a wide spectrum of socio-political and economic relationships, both here in the region and beyond.
“A salute to the Church, but on conditions!”  (Al-Mesryoon, Egypt)
On July 29, the independent Al-Mesryoon newspaper carried the following opinion piece by its Executive Chief Editor Mahmoud Sultan: “A lot of talk emerged these days and in an unprecedented way inside the Egyptian Church, surrounding the necessity to implement the law to deter “sectarian strife.” No one can oppose such talk, as the implementation of the law on everyone, and I stress on everyone, is the foundation of citizenship... The Church’s position and its call to implement the law undoubtedly pleases me, and is a major transformation whose seriousness has yet to be confirmed. And we must feel that there is no real solution outside the law, knowing this is a new inclination, confirming that most incidents were actually “criminal,” not “sectarian,” amid what I believe are attempts to hijack the “unjust treatment” of the Copts to carry out sectarian blackmail and political exploitation, or maybe seek Western assistance against Egypt… (Read More)
“Iraq: Saudi conference for the “Iraqi opposition…””  (Al-Akhbar Lebanon, Lebanon)   
Arab Diplomacy - Democracy and Party Politics
On July 29, the Al-Akhbar daily newspaper carried the following report: “…The Saudi capital, Al-Riyadh, will be hosting this coming August a first of its kind meeting for the so-called “Sunni powers” or the “Iraqi opposition” to discuss the fate of the West Iraq regions following their liberation from ISIL’s control, in addition to the form of the “Sunni territory,” its borders, and the extent of the international support to it. This step means that Al-Riyadh has officially adopted the partitioning of Iraq into territories, a scenario that has been promoted for years in Irbil and Amman away from the Saudi palace… (Read More)
“Mobilization Forces proceeding in Iranian Guards’ footsteps as a parallel army to the armed forces”  (Asharq al-Awsat, United Kingdom)   
Military Defense
On July 27, the Saudi-owned, London-based Asharq al-Awsat daily newspaper carried the following report: “In following in the footsteps of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, an official document was leaked yesterday that revealed the transformation of the Popular Mobilization militias into a parallel army to the armed forces. The document was signed by the Iraqi Prime Minister, Haidar al-Abadi… (Read More)
“A presidential February in August: hot and cold waves!”  (As-Safir, Lebanon)
Democracy and Party Politics
On July 29, the independent, leftist As-Safir daily newspaper carried the following report by Imad Marmal: “Now that August is approaching, many scenarios and conclusions are being made pertaining to the presidency especially that the hot month seems to be loaded with many signs that bear more than one explanations starting with the dialogue, the developments of the Syrian field, and the silent discussions taking place within the Future movement on the possibility of proceeding with the “least appealing” solution of electing Gen. Michel Aoun for president… (Read More)
“The Future movement facing an unknown corrective action!”  (As-Safir, Lebanon)   
Democracy and Party Politics - Media
On July 29, the independent, leftist As-Safir daily newspaper carried the following report by Ghassan Rifi: “The leaders of the Future movement are not giving much importance to the statement that was carried over the social communication networks and signed by the “corrective action at the Future movement” under the name of statement number one, because, for the Future movement, the statement has an unknown origin and identity. But at the same time, the Future leadership is not hiding the fact that, since the last municipal elections, the movement has been exposed to many attempts at confusing it and hindering all the efforts aimed at rising and communicating with the popular base… (Read More)
“Legitimizing Hamas’s coup with the elections”  (Al-Hayat al-Jadidah, Palestine)
Democracy and Party Politics
On July 26, the pro-PA Al-Hayat al-Jadidah newspaper carried the following opinion piece by Muwaffaq Matar: “Around 70 days separate us from the election of local committees and councils, but a deluge of questions has already emerged. For example: How will the elections be held in the Gaza Strip, where the concord government has no authority? The Gaza Strip will be controlled by Hamas, before, during and after the elections. So, what electoral law will allow the staging of elections in an area supposed to be under the government’s control, while in fact this government has no power over one inch of it? In 2006, we held legislative elections in regions that were under the direct control or security control of the occupation, to confirm our free national will and strengthen the unity of the people and the land. But does this goal apply to the Gaza Strip, at a time when we are still insisting on not comparing Hamas’s coup and the imposition of its control by use of force to the Israeli occupation?… (Read More)
“Why now?” - On the American-Russian agreement  (Al-Thawrah, Syria)
Peace Process - USA EU
On July 28, the state-controlled Ath-Thawrah newspaper carried the following opinion piece by Ali Nasrallah: “Logically-speaking, based on the principle of victory and loss whose standards may vary, and far away from the limp duck theories and everything that could be said in this context, we ask: Why did America seal an deal with Russia at this point in time, to ensure the defeat of Wahhabi terrorism in Syria and maybe even Iraq, if Washington commits to it? And is the defeat of Takfiri terrorism anything but a defeat for it, along with its Gulf and regional tools, and a victory for Syria and its allies? By all accounts, could America undertake an action that would lead to its defeat and that of its allies, and to the victory of its opponents? Or have its choices failed to prevent the victory of the opponents and rendered it open to a definite loss which it does not wish to taste, thus seeking ways to save face...?… (Read More)
“Why did Al-Golani break his connection with Al-Qa’idah organization…?”  (Website, Middle East)   
Military Defense - Terrorism
On July 28, the electronic Rai al-Youm daily newspaper carried the following piece by Abdul Bari Atwan: “Finally, and following a year and a half long period of hesitation, Mr. Abou Mohammad al-Golani, the leader of An-Nusra Front, appeared on Al-Jazeera and announced that his front is breaking its connection with the Al-Qa’idah organization in addition to breaking all the mutual relationships. He even went further than that and changed the name of his front to the Fatah Al-Sham Front thus completing dropping the name of An-Nusra… (Read More)
“American-Israeli plan to make up for Aleppo in the Syrian South?”  (Al-Akhbar Lebanon, Lebanon)   
Peace Process - USA EU
On July 29, the Al-Akhbar daily newspaper carried the following report by Yehya Dbouk: “…The victories of the Syrian army and its allies in Aleppo, in North Syria, constitute a major military accomplishment one that will overshadow the entire field equation on the Syrian arena not only at the level of the directly conflicting parties but also at the level of the international and regional sponsors of the fighting in Syria mainly the USA and Russia… (Read More)
“Al-Assad visited Moscow in secret...”  (Newspaper, Middle East)
Peace Process - USA EU
On July 28, the Lebanese privately-owned Al-Joumhouria newspaper carried the following report by Johnny Mnayyar: “US Secretary of State John Kerry’s voicing of his hope of seeing progress towards a diplomatic solution in Syria at the beginning of August did not come as a surprise to diplomatic circles closely monitoring the Syrian file. In addition, despite the violent battles that went on along the various combat fronts, especially in Aleppo, Moscow’s visitors who are interested in the settlement in Syria, including Lebanese officials, heard a Russian conviction in that the “August program” will achieve the steps desired from it, though the senior Russian officials, at the head of whom is Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, insisted on keeping this program’s details a secret... As for Kerry’s talk, which came after a meeting with his Russian counterpart in the presence of UN Envoy to Syria Staffan de Mistura, it merely confirmed that impression… (Read More)
“Farid el-Beji: Tunisia does not need Islamic hotels, no threat to its religious minorities”  (Al-Quds al-Arabi, United Kingdom)
Democracy and Party Politics - Religion
On July 28, the Qatari-owned Al-Quds al-Arabi daily carried the following report by its correspondent in Tunis Hassan Salman: “Tunisian cleric and security researcher Sheikh Farid el-Beji said that the Islamic parties could not dissociate their religious aspect from their political one, indicating that what Ennahda Movement recently proposed at this level was a “mere unrealistic slogan for media consumption...” He added in exclusive statements to Al-Quds al-Arabi: “The claim saying that the Islamic political movements will distinguish between their religious and political action is false, unrealistic ad misleading. This is due to the fact that the principle of the party relies on loyalty to the doctrine. Therefore, no one can be part of an Islamic party or movement (such as Ennahda in Tunisia for example) unless he enjoys doctrinal and religious loyalty to its leaders… (Read More)
“Will America deport Fethullah Gulen to Cairo…?”  (Website, Middle East)
Judicial Affairs - USA EU
On July 28, the electronic Rai al-Youm daily newspaper carried the following editorial: “The arrest campaigns including military commanders and media persons in addition to expelling thousands of teachers, shutting newspapers and schools are proceeding in the post failed military coup in Turkey. However, the hottest issue may be that of the fate of Preacher, Fethullah Gulen, the main suspect behind the coup; in addition to the question on whether the USA will be responding to the requests of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to deport the man… (Read More)
“Signing of national political agreement between General People's Congress Party, Ansarulla and allies...”  (SABA, Yemen)
Arab Diplomacy - Peace Process
On July 28, the Yemeni official news agency SABA, which is controlled by the forces of Ali Abdullah Saleh and Abdel Malek al-Houthi, carried the following report from Sanaa: “The General People's Congress Party and its allies, represented by Deputy Head of the party Sadek Amin Abu Rass, and Ansarullah and their allies, represented by Head of the Political Council Saleh as-Sammad, signed today a national political agreement, which will determine the responsibility for leading the country and managing the state’s affairs in accordance with the permanent constitution of the Yemeni Republic and the laws in force. It said: “In light of the Saudi aggression and connivance to kill our people and destroy our public and private property on a daily basis, with the knowledge of the international community headed by the United Nations;… (Read More)
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