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50,000 Translated Stories Now Available in the Database! (MIDEASTWIRE.COM) -4/2013
“Iran is not supporting Bashar because he is Alawite!” (An-Nahar) -6/2012
Visit the Blog at (MIDEASTWIRE.COM) -12/2011
“Imane al-Obeidi expelled from Qatar…” (Asharq al-Awsat) -6/2011
“Ibrahim: Qa’idah will not be able to retaliate for Bin Laden [death]…” (Al-Quds al-Arabi) -5/2011
Mideastwire - compilation of translated Wikileaks coverage (Newspaper - Middle East) -12/2010
Free content from at (Newspaper - Middle East) -9/2010
“The return of ‘Islamophobia’ to the American press” (Al-Akhbar Lebanon) -9/2010
“…Iranian drama with Syrian accent… Tehran competes with Turkey on MBC” (Al-Quds al-Arabi) -9/2010
“..Ibrahim: Every Egyptian entitled to run, including Gamal Mubarak” (Az-Zaman) -9/2010
Visit the Mideastwire blog for free translated bytes and analysis! (Newspaper - Middle East) -5/2010
Sources quoting Al-Hariri:I do not disagree with Hezbollah about resistance (As-Safir) -5/2010
“An-Nahar in the vortex again” (Al-Akhbar Lebanon) -5/2010
"Why are there emergency [laws] in England, France, and Germany?!" (Al-Masry al-Yawm) -5/2010
“Is there an Israeli current in Jordan?” ( -5/2010
“The FPM’s regress progress for [Lebanese] Forces, or is it the opposite?" (Al-Akhbar Lebanon) -5/2010
"Ahmad Ben Qasem Al-Ghamidi: A name that Saudis will not forget!" (Elaph) -5/2010
“Sadrist Movement to Az-Zaman: Maliki farthest from premiership…” (Az-Zaman) -5/2010
“Palestine: Foreign solidarity activists under siege” (As-Safir) -5/2010
“Why was the Arab rejection of Al-Baradei delayed?” (Al-Quds al-Arabi) -4/2010
Hezbollah sources to Al-Rai al-Aam: war with Israel is definitely coming (Al-Rai al-Aam) -4/2010
“National unity in soccer!” (Al-Akhbar Lebanon) -4/2010
“Country’s wealth? They are just antelopes!” (Al-Watan) -4/2010
"Is Samir Geagea a criminal? (Al-Akhbar Lebanon) -4/2010
"Abdel Halim Kandil: We want Al-Baradei to challenge the system…" (Elaph) -3/2010
"Ford's Manifesto" (An-Nahar) -3/2010
"Mohammad Sayyed Tantawi: the builder of the regime's religious face" (Al-Akhbar Lebanon) -3/2010
“Nasrallah:if you strike Hariri Airport, we will strike Ben Gurion Airport" (Lebanese News Agency) -2/2010
"The purity of the territorial waters" (Al-Akhbar Lebanon) -2/2010
“What are the guarantees for the integrity of the elections in Egypt?” (Al-Mesryoon) -2/2010
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