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“...Jaafari’s insistence on his candidacy reflects a dictatorial attitude"
Maad Fayyad reported in Asharq Al Awsat, a pan-Arab newspaper, on March 15 that: “A source in the United Iraqi Alliance considered that Ibrahim Jaafari, outgoing prime minister and the United Iraqi Alliance's candidate for the premiership, was assuming a dicatatorial position in the dispute over his candidacy for the new government. He confirmed ‘it is wrong for Jaafari to insist on his candidacy despite the opposition of all the other political blocs including parties inside the coalition itself’. The source told Asharq Al Awsat on the phone from Baghdad yesterday that ‘Jaafari is exposing the political process in Iraq to a [potential] standstill, and he could be threatening the future of the political and security [situation] in the country and driving it to more decline’. The source, which preferred to remain anonymous for reasons ‘related to the unity of the alliance added that ‘Jaafari beat Dr. Adel al-Mehdi by one vote, this made him hold on to his candidacy and speak in the name of the alliance and democracy. We wonder what he would have done if he had won by a majority of votes’.

"The source pointed out that ‘there are many parties and individuals inside the alliance who do not want Jaafari’s candidacy to continue. However, they do not want to appear as though the alliance is vulnerable to internal division and to escalate the problem further knowing well Jaafari’s conviction about keeping his candidacy’.”

Maad continued: “The source added that ‘the alliance wants to pressure other political sides to force Jaafari to withdraw so that they can say: we had nothing to do with it; they were the ones who forced you to withdraw. This is the Iraqi mentality in justifying things’. The source continued that ‘Jaafari does not see things except from his point of view and does not think about the critical political situation and therefore the alliance or someone else will have to force him to withdraw. He has the same mentality as Saddam and it’s as if a new Saddam has been born. The problem is that Saddam left but he is not done with, it seems that dictatorship is implanted in the souls of the political Iraqi class and will never end’.

"In response to Asharq Al Awsat’s question regarding a candidate who is most likely to be nominated in the new government after Jaafari, the source said ‘this is a big and complicated question. I doubt that Adel Abed al-Mehdi will be nominated’.”

Maad concluded: “It is worth mentioning that Nadim al-Jabiri, the secretary-general of the Fadila Party, was one of the United Iraqi Alliance [members] who competed against Jaafari and Abed al-Mehdi on the candidacy of new prime minister. Sources from his party still expect his re-nomination.” - Asharq al-Awsat, United Kingdom
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