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“Zaitout: reports about Algeria-US agreement over temporary military bases”
On December 11, the independent Quds Press News Agency carried the following report: “An Algerian political activist and opposition member revealed the content of an Algerian-American accord over the use of the Algerian territories by the American military forces. He said that this accord was more efficient and beneficial to both sides than the establishment of a permanent base for the AFRICOM forces in the Algerian South.

“Indeed, former diplomat and the founder of the Algerian “Rashad” movement Mohamed Larbi Zaitout said in exclusive statements to Quds Press that the Algerian government seized the opportunity of the Algerian-Egyptian dispute which erupted after the Algerian team qualified to play in the World Cup games in South Africa in 2010 - and which took dimensions that were described as being “hysterical” - to reach a consensual formula over the use of the Algerian territories by the American forces in any military operation...

“He said: “Reports started circulating regarding the fact that the Algerian-American talks which were launched a few months ago when Algeria rejected the idea of a permanent base and when Algerian officers proposed the idea of temporary agreements..., ended with an agreement over a formula to establish temporary and mobile American bases through which the Algerian, Malian, Nigerian, Mauritanian and Chadian territories are used whenever necessary.”

“Zaitout then indicated that this formula met mutual American and Algerian demands, saying: “This agreement will firstly spare the Arab and African governments, including the Algerian one, from any embarrassment before their people, while the American troops will not look as though they are new forces of colonialism. These temporary agreements will also lower the financial costs of the establishment of permanent bases and will allow the American forces to move around the region whenever they are called on to do so.” He then mentioned that in order to facilitate the implementation of this agreement on the ground, around 40 private security companies were established, some of which American, French and Western and others with the participation of Algerian security companies established by former senior officers in the Algerian army.

“He added: “These companies which have been present on the ground for years, will provide logistical support to the American forces when necessary,” indicating: “Algeria offered that in exchange for the deepening of strategic cooperation with the US and due to the wish to gain a foreign strategic ally from outside the NATO instead of Morocco which remained America’s ally for decades.”

“He continued: “Moreover, Algeria has three temporary demands. The first is for America to support the Algerian viewpoint in regard to the Western Sahara issue and for Washington to adopt a middle ground position over this case for which Algeria has allocated massive financial, political, diplomatic and even military resources throughout the past three or four decades. The second is to receive special military equipment which America has been refusing to sell to Algeria. As for the third, it is for Washington to protect the senior generals who were involved in the massacres perpetrated during the filthy war seen in the nineties of the last century in Algeria from any pursuit by the Western courts.”” - Quds Press Agency, United Kingdom
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