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  • We do not recommend using GMail currently to receive the daily briefing. Unfortunately, in its current version, GMail tends to clip any long briefings after a certain size is reached. When the unclip option is selected, the HTML version of our briefing is transmitted as code - a technical limitation which GMail hopes to fix soon. We recommend if you have to use GMail, that you select our text version for delivery or use the website.

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  • Premium members have full search capability of our online archive which already contains thousands of briefs coded by subject categories (women, judicial, energy etc), specific news sources (Al Hayat, Al Jazeera, Al Quds Al Arabi etc), countries, general topics (opinion, business etc.) and keywords.

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  • Use of quotations in headlines - When a headline for a story appears in quotation marks, that indicates that it is the actual headline that appeared for that story in the specific news source.

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  • In addition to our regular services, we also offer:
    • Full Translations of articles we brief or that we provide headlines for. Contact for our competitive rates.
    • Tracking of selected subject areas/specific newspapers so you and your organization can keep abreast of the latest on specific issues of particular importance. Contact
    • Content licensing for content providers who wish to carry our briefs or summaries of our briefs. Contact

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